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Nothing But Net Basketball

Putting The Focus Back To Where It Should Be About The KIDS And The Fundamentals Of Basketball

Nothing But Net Basketball was developed to provide an opportunity for the kids who don’t typically participate in any other youth sports in the Spring or Fall to have the opportunity to play basketball prior to or continue playing following the conclusion of the HYAA Winter season. Additionally, it is our intent to teach the players in our league the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork and good sportsmanship, which we believe will help in their ongoing childhood development.



Regular season standings are used to seed all teams based on win-loss record.  Game scores are not used for seedings.  If teams' records are tied, we use head-to-head results.  If still tied, we flip a coin.  Final seeds will be posted in the STANDINGS SECTION.

Playoff brackets are posted on PlayerSpace.  Use the TOURNAMENT link above for a link to PlayerSpace.

Good luck in the playoffs!

A note regarding PLAYOFFS:
Playoffs start on May 18th for the high school division and after May 18th for all other divisions.  Each team is seeded for a single-elimination tournament within each division.  Team record and head-to-head results are used in the seeding process.  We do not consider any game points in the seeding process.  So ignore any points calculations or points scored for or against on teh PlayerSpace standings site.  Points are irrelavant to our process as we do not want  teams to run up the score.

Important dates:

Thursday, May 23 - HS division championship game
May 24-27 - gyms closed for Memorial Day
Saturday, June 1 - championship games
Sunday, June 2 - Jimmy V Cancer Research fund raiser - local High Schools' All-Star basketball game.

6-8 year olds
15-18 (High School)*

* high school division must be enrolled in a high school and must be no older than 18 on March 10, 2019.

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