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Nothing But Net Basketball

Putting The Focus Back To Where It Should Be About The KIDS And The Fundamentals Of Basketball

Nothing But Net Basketball was developed to provide an opportunity for the kids who don’t typically participate in any other youth sports in the Spring or Fall to have the opportunity to play basketball prior to or continue playing following the conclusion of the HYAA Winter season. Additionally, it is our intent to teach the players in our league the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork and good sportsmanship, which we believe will help in their ongoing childhood development.


Good Luck this season!

Good sportsmanship is a requirement of this league and is not optional.  Have fun!

Let Carl or Jim know if you experience any issues.  See "contact us" for contact information.

HS Championship game on Oct 23
All other divisions' championship games on Nov. 2.

Spring 2019 Winners:
High School Division:
Champions - Boston Celtics - Coach Dan Poole
2nd Place - Los Angeles Lakers - Coach Jon McLaughlin

            Champions- Hornets White-Linkswiler
            2nd Place- Hornets Blue- Idol

            Champions- Ohio State (Samples)
            2nd Place- Michigan (Sabbaugh)

            Champions- Tennessee (Banez/Murphy)
            2nd Place- Florida (Sullivan)

            Champions-Miami (Schoolfield)
            2nd Place- Virginia (Christian)

If you have any interesting in donating or being a sponsor of the league or team, please contact Carl at .

We are a non-profit recreation league, co-sponsored by the Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department.

6-8 year olds
15-18 (High School)*

* high school division must be enrolled in a high school and must be no older than 18 on August 18, 2019.

Our Co-Sponsors Include the Following Organizations

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